Micronutrient Manufacturers Association (MMA)


Types of MMA Memberships

  • Voting. Any person (individual or entity) that is a manufacturer and/or formulator of micronutrients (as defined by the Wester Fertilizer Handbook, ninth edition).
  • Associate. Any person, including but not limited to individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities and government entities not eligible for voting membership but interested in the purposes of the association.


  • Active voting members. $2,000 per year
  • Non-voting associate members. $1,000 per year

Current Directors

  • Dale Edgington - Advanced Micronutrient Products
  • John Bowen - Cameron Chemical
  • Bill Anders - Nutrient Agri Products
  • Joel Bzura - Old Bridge Chemicals
  • Paul Fink - U.S. Borax
  • Jim Scott - Winfield Solutions

Current Officers

  • Paul Fink - Chairman
  • Dale Edgington - Vice Chairman
  • John Bown - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Steven Beckley - President/Administrator
Micronutrient Manufacturers Association - Microfertilizers

Current Members